What is Qigong?

Qigong (pronounced chi-gung) is a practice from ancient China that has been passed down over generations of practitioners. It is made available today to the modern world from teachers who have traveled abroad to learn these techniques and from immigrants who moved to the United States and brought their respective practices with them.

Some styles of qigong have retained their secrecy, while other styles have survived by opening the practice to outsiders. The former style tends to remain with families or monastic type organizations. The latter style has found more of a following among average people or lay practitioners.

Today in China, you can see people flooding out of their homes in the morning to practice in the public parks. Oftentimes people will learn qigong here or will exchange styles.

Qigong itself is the art of mindful motions, essentially when you move you know that you are moving.  This can be seen as performing a physical motion while filling that motion with the presence of your mind. The primary purpose of qigong is bringing life energy and health to the practitioner. Through this unique practice, you can enhance your health and wellness.

Along with improved health can come increased energy and stamina. In this way, qigong can fuel the other activities that you enjoy doing. Medical science also reports that qigong can improve brain function and reduce the risk or seriousness of chronic disease.

While qigong is really more of a compilation of practices, including tai chi and other martial styles, the main root is working with energy. Qi (chi, chee, ji) can mean life, energy, or breath, and Gong (gung, kung) can mean movement, work, or cultivation. The definition that fits this style of qigong is best put as “cultivating life”, and quite simply is movement involving energy and the breath. Breath is the primary source of energy and by combining breath with mindful motion vital life energy can be cultivated.

To see qigong in action, you can find our free mini form on our Facebook page, or here on our site for your convenience. You can also find qigong on YouTube, or see other descriptions and instances of qigong at other websites. Check out the resources we have compiled to find more sources of qigong and meditation.

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