Superfood of the Week: Wax Beans

waxbeans-Brendan Beers Never heard of wax beans? No better time than the present! Basically, wax beans are similar to green or string beans that you’re used to seeing fresh in late summer and in cans or frozen year-round. As such, they can be used in your meals in the same sorts of ways, boiled, roasted, stir-fried, and more!

These beans are packed with nutrients like:

  • potassium, copper, manganese and iron, to help with such functions as fluid balance and hemoglobin production
  • vitamin C, K, and folate which assist in immune health and blood clotting
  • and protein, which helps keep you fuller, longer!

Source: Everyday Food

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Photo by: Brendan Beers

How To Work It Into Your Meals

Wax beans add a colorful yellow kick to any dish! You can add them to a roast or a crockpot for a little diversity. You can sautee them or stir fry them with some of your other favorite veggies. Toss them on a cookie sheet with some olive oil, some other veggies, spices, and nuts to make a roasted side dish to die for!

Check out this recipe for roasted wax beans with peanuts and cilantro for a tasty side dish that’s sure to be a hit!

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