Superfood of the Week: Snap Peas

snap peas-nocivegliaSnap peas are one of the best garden choices! If you have room to plant these and grow them yourself, you can’t beat fresh snap peas. They’re beautiful, viney, and extremely tasty. Just be sure to take some anti-pest precautions: the bugs love them, too!

  • Good source of fiber, folate, and iron
  • Low calorie
  • Maintain bone strength with a vitamin K boost
  • Stave off summer colds with vitamin C

Source: Kristie Leong’s, MD, article on Yahoo Voices

Photo by: Flickr user nociveglia

How To Work It Into Your Meals

Raw snap peas make a great low-calorie snack. Pack them as pods or shelled in a baggie for lunch or a mid-afternoon snack!

If you prefer them cooked, you can leave them in the pods and bake them or boil them, or you can shell them and boil them for a more traditional serving style. Eat them cooked and plain, maybe with a little salt and pepper, or add them to a salad, roast, slow cooker stew, stir fry, or just about anything!

If you’ve got picky eaters, this is one vegetable that may just prove to them they DO like vegetables! Canned or frozen peas have a stronger, slightly bitter flavor sometimes, and it’s easy to understand why some cooks and eaters shy away from them. But fresh sugar snap peas, especially if home-grown are a real treat, even for those who claim they hate peas!

Check out a quick easy recipe for a snap pea side dish!

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