Superfood of the Week: Avocados

avocado-will merydithAvocados have become synonymous with guacamole, but their uses and nutritional benefits go way beyond dip!

As a bonus, restaurants are picking up on the demand for this awesome pitted fruit, and have begun to incorporate avocados into their recipes. This not only has widened the variety of flavors in their meals but also has increased the opportunities for their customers to eat a more nutritious meal!

Aside from being delicious, this creamy superfood is super-good for you!

  • Save Our Sight! Avocados have an abundance of carotenoid lutein, which helps to keep your eyes healthy.
  • The perfect “good fat” food! Avocados have the unsaturated fats that are beneficial for lowering both blood pressure and cholesterol!
  • The potassium in avocados also works to lower your blood pressure!

Source: Jessica S. Thuston’s article on

Photo by: Flickr user Will Merydith

How To Work It Into Your Meals

While guacamole is the standby for avocado recipes, there are plenty of other ways to add avocados into your meals.

Instead of going the whole nine yards and making guacamole, you can simply mash your avocados into a spread and use it as a substitute for mayo or pesto on your sandwiches!

Slice them up, and add them to breakfast bagels, sub sandwiches, or panini to create a colorful, delicious, and healthy new meal.

You can blend them up in a smoothie, slice them up serve them as a garnish with something from the grill (salmon is a great choice), or add them to salads. The possibilities are only limited by your own imagination!

Grill it up! Check out our recipe for adding avocado to your barbecue dinner plans!

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