Superfood of the Week: Arugula

arugula-flickr frangritFunny name, super food. Arugula, much like the broccoli rabe, has a slightly bitter flavor, but with its spiciness, it’s a fun way to change up your summer meals!

You can find arugula as mature, baby, or wild leaves, each with a different texture and degree of flavor.

  • With more iron, calcium, and vitamins than other greens like iceberg lettuce, arugula is a great base for salads!
  • Another blood pressure manager, arugula is a good source of potassium.
  • A is for Arugula! This superfood contains a healthy dose of vitamin A meaning healthy bones and vision, and better cell and immune health.

Source: Carol Sarao’s article on Livestrong

Everyday Food, June 2010

Photo by: Flickr user Frangrit

How To Work It Into Your Meals

Though this leafy veggie looks best suited for salads, you can add it to just about any dish to give it a spicy kick!

Add it as a pizza topping, with or instead of spinach, replace your romaine in your sandwich or burger with it, throw it into a sauté with some veggies, pasta, or protein, mulch it and add it to a dip or spread like pesto. Arugula is one of those leafy greens that deserves more attention, and since it’s in season, now’s the time to do so!

Kick dinner up a notch with this recipe for an arugula and shrimp sauté!

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