Qigong for Yoga

Qigong, like yoga, is a practice that cultivates the body and mind. The two practices are not mutually exclusive. A synergistic effect can be harnessed through dual cultivation of these practices. Much of qigong is based around acupuncture points. These points map energy pathways called meridians, while areas that hold energy are dantiens or elixir fields.

These are very similar and in some cases actually overlap chakras that are cultivated in yogic practice. Becoming familiar with both sets allows a practitioner more flexibility and freedom in their practice, allowing the practitioner to choose elements from their best suited practices. A finer honing of personal mastery is what can eventually result.

Qigong also offers methods of bringing energy into the body and mind through the universe. This energy can be refined through yogic practice, empowering the practitioner in the process. Thus qigong can be used to bring in energy that fuels yogic practice. Likewise energy brought in through yogic practice can be refined and honed through qigong.

In either case, be sure to check out our premium DVD instruction program. In addition to the basic program, you will be introduced to additional techniques and modifications tailored for yoga as well as advanced techniques.

Qigong photo by Bill Mulder
Yoga photo by Lululemon Athletica

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