Qigong for Tai Chi

How are tai chi and qigong related? In essence, tai chi is a specific practice under the general field of qigong. Whereas tai chi entails specific practices, usually with a stronger martial background, qigong is simply the cultivation of energy. Both tai chiĀ and qigong are exceptional vehicles of personal health and empowerment.

Each practice can offer its own subtly unique set of benefits. Tai chi is usually taught in individual motions that are part of a fluid form. These forms are usually designed to include a specific set of motions. One such set of motions could potentially be all the open hand strikes in a certain martial style, all possible directions of movements, movements at a certain height, etc.

Qigong tends to be less structured. Though there are very precise qigong forms, there are also many a la carte type of qigong movements. This allows the practitioner more freedom to play with what feels best for them on a particular day or build their own form with their most functional practices.

Bear in mind that both are powerful practices: my masters have spoken to their great healing power in China where cancer patients have made full recoveries simply by tai chi walking in their hospital rooms. As long as you approach your practice with the right intention, the cultivation of life, you will flourish!
-Kevin Kissler

World Tai Chi Day, 2006 photo by Brian Robinson

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