Qigong for Martial Arts

Qigong was originally developed as the basis of martial arts. One of the purposes of qigong in this sense is the slow repetition of movements. This builds coordinated muscle memory, and trains the body to perform motions with perfect structure and energy, maximizing the effectiveness of basic blocks and strikes. Gradually increasing the physical demand of the postures by deepening stances and elongating the motions also increases strength and stamina.

More importantly than physical gains, qigong brings in energy from the universe then further develops it. By boosting the energy system behind a striking force, the equation is then shifted to favor the more energetic side. Thus energy is used to bolster strikes and blocks. Bringing energy in from the universe essentially builds the fighting power of the body, filling a gap in some martial styles.

If you are interested in using qigong to empower your current martial art, you could benefit from our premium program. This will teach you modifications and additional practices specifically tailored to martial arts, you might be surprised at the detail built into these practices!

Shaolin Kung Fu photo by Kevin Poh

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