It’s National Yoga Month!

YogaHealthFoundation_Celebrate_YogaMonth400_160Yoga is a wonderful way to get healthy, relieve stress, get into shape, learn to meditate, practice mindfulness, and so much more. It has gone from being a novelty in small metropolitan areas to being a common choice for fitness and wellness around the world.

This September, it’s National Yoga Month, and we want to participate in the event to share information about yoga, its benefits, and how you can incorporate it into your lifestyle.

Not only will we be sharing additional links and news about yoga this month, but we’ll be featuring a few guest bloggers talking specifically about the practice in a variety of ways.

Make sure to check out the Guest Posts page to see recent posts on the topic, or you can also find all of our yoga posts by tag.

As an added bonus, you can get one week of yoga free at over 1,500 participating yoga studios around the US during Yoga Month! Check out the Yoga Health Foundation’s website to learn more about yoga, as well as find out about events near you, and yoga studios participating in the free week promotion.

Whether you’re a practiced yogi/yogini or a beginner, it’s a great time to celebrate yoga and everything we love about it!

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