How Your Personality Can Help You Choose a Yoga Style

thinker-Mary Harrsch The art of meditation is a person journey. The process can greatly expand the way one thinks, while helping each person become that much more fit in both mind and body. However, each person is unique and a chosen yoga form is often impacted by the personality. The uniqueness of each person can help choose which style is best, so there is a style for every single personality type out there.

The Thinker

Those that are interested in knowing more about the universe around them often reflect on the nuances of life. These deep thinkers should look at the hip opener styles like the butterfly or the splits. These show that a person is open to new things but also likes to reflect on life and the universe.

A good type of yoga for these deep thinkers is the easy-going Kripalu, a style that leads to openness and helps the practitioners reflect on the world. Corpse poses will also help, since it will force a person to do nothing but think and reflect.

Classic Type A Personality

The Type A personality is competitive and seeks perfection in all things. Yoga is a good exercise for this type of personality, because it helps remind the type A personality that there is more in the universe than being number one or perfect. It also helps that a Type A can work on yoga styles until they are perfect, channeling the personality quirks in a much more meditative way.

The type of yoga that a Type A might prefer is Bikram. This style fits the perfectionist nature of the Type A, with a competition for oneself to help soften that edge. Some exercises for Type As can be ones involving head stands. These exercises will take time to master, so a Type A will have a goal to reach.

creative-Hartwig HKDArtistic Personality

The artist wants to create, wants to make something new in a world of similarities. The artist isn’t keen on conflict or competition, but wants to be left with friends who are similar in nature. Artistic types are often attracted to yoga, seeing in it a way to affect the world while strengthening the mind and body.

A good style for the artist is Jivamukti, which is a style that focuses on meditation and creativity while challenging the mind and body. Back bends are common exercises that an artistic personality can use, since it reflects an open heart that views the world in a slightly off-kilter and creative way.


Often this personality is quiet, but forceful. The personality wants to help people, to protect them from that which can cause harm. The protector often wants to be challenged, but is very aware of what is going on around him or her at all times. This personality tends to be a bit more grounded and aware than others are.

lion-protector-fortherockThe Vinyasa style is a good style for the protector because it pushes the boundaries, helping the protector learn more about his or her body while honing the mental and physical. This will help a protector be much more alert for times of strife and hardship and can help him or her feel more prepared to bring those he or she loves through those tough times. The tree pose is also popular with this personality, showing that a person can test his or her limits, but also understand what reality is about.

The Thinker by Mary Harrsch
Landscape Painter by Flickr user Hartwig HKD
Lion and cub by Flickr user fortherock
Yoga pose (from image slider collage) by Joel Nilsson

Derek Whitney is blogging for Aligned Signs, a site that uses a personality test, astrology and Myers-Briggs assessment test to help connect like minded people. When he is not blogging, he enjoys relaxing with his girlfriend and going to Yoga class with her every Saturday morning.

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