Healthier Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

v-day-dinner-ilovebutterWhether you’re on your own, making plans with a friend, or have someone special to spend Valentine’s Day with this year, you don’t have to give up the day to indulgence and bad health habits! Here are a few fun, healthier ways to spend the day!

Stay in and cook!

Often, couples or friends make plans to go out to dinner to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If you’re focusing on creating and sustaining healthier habits, an indulgent dinner – though enjoyable – may derail your goals, especially if you’re just getting started. When you make a meal yourself, you can choose healthier ingredients and recipes, buy organic if you like, and you can have more control over your portion size. Plus, cooking together is just as romantic, and fun, as eating together!

Skip the chocolate, ask or opt for a fruit basket/arrangement

It may not sound very romantic, but there’s no argument on which one is better for your diet plan. Chocolates tend to linger, meaning they can put a dent in your healthy habits for days or weeks ahead, while fruit, being perishable, will get eaten much faster. Plus, you can always get creative with it and work the fruit into your meals (like the one you’re going to make together!) or you can serve it as a dessert!

Couples massage or couples yoga

True, massage isn’t going to help you lose weight or keep your diet on track, but when it comes to stress, it can work miracles. As an added bonus, having a couples massage will allow to share in the relaxing experience together, again, whether you’re a part of a couple or just spending the day with a friend. Yoga, too, is a wonderful relaxing way to spend time with your loved one, but couples yoga can create a special type of intimacy that you probably don’t get to experience all the time.

Plan a fitness outing together!

Running, skiing/boarding (depending on where you are), or ice skating are a few options this time of year to enjoy the weather and celebrate the holiday together. You’ll be getting in a little bit of your regular workout – a plus if you do plan on a decadent Valentine’s Day meal – and you get to spend a little extra time with your sweetheart. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you could combine this with the first suggestion above and make it a picnic (again, weather-permitting)!

Though Valentine’s Day is usually less of a concern compared to Thanksgiving and Christmas when it comes to over-indulging in food, alcohol, and desserts, it can be a challenge if you’re just getting started with some new healthier lifestyle changes.

Plan ahead, and you really can stay on track with your health goals as well as your relationship and romantic goals.

Photo by: Flickr user ilovebutter

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