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bettersleep-tipofthewk-DomenicoSalvagninTurn it off!

May Is Better Sleep Month, so this week, we want to help you get a better night’s sleep by telling you to TURN IT OFF!

This means shutting off:

  • your phone
  • your tablet/ereader
  • your computer/laptop
  • your television
  • your digital alarm clock

when you go to bed.

Surprised by that last one? Well, any kind of light in your bedroom can disrupt your sleep process. If you find that digital numeric glare is distracting you as you try to fall asleep, or worse, if you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep because of it, it may be time to swap it out for an old school alarm clock with a bell and regular clock hands. Or, cover the face of it with a cloth or something so the light isn’t visible.

Maybe you like to read on your iPad or your Kindle or watch TV to help you fall asleep. It may feel like it’s helping, but the glare and light from the screen may actually disrupt your natural sleep process. You may get to sleep, but you also may find you get a more restful sleep without those screens before bedtime.

The solution?

Switch to a print book before bed or use music (with a sleep timer) to fall asleep. These are much less disruptive because there’s no light for your eyes to process telling your brain to try to stay awake!

Lights are just one of the things that may be keeping you from a better night’s sleep. Learn more about sleep and how to improve your nights from the Better Sleep Council’s website: They have tips on how to improve sleep, the science of sleep, information on sleep aids, sleep disorders, and more.

Your rest is important. Not only quantity, but quality, too!

Photo by: Flickr user Domenico Salvagnin

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