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HeadacheThis June marks the start of Migraine and Headache Awareness Month, so our tip for the week is:


Water is good for you for so many reasons, but did you know that many headaches are caused by simple dehydration? Plain water is the best way to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day, as opposed to juice, sports drinks or flavored waters, but you can also get your water through some of your food! Watermelon (it’s right in the name!), lettuce, and cucumbers are great summer foods that have high water content that can help keep you hydrated through the hot summer months.

However, while dehydration is one culprit for headaches, there can be many other causes for this pain, and many ways to treat it. Whether you suffer from occasional headaches or recurring migraines, it’s important to work with your doctor to find what triggers your headaches and also to find the best way to treat them. Some headaches may go away with relaxation techniques, stretching, cold compresses, or over the counter medicine, but some may be more stubborn and resistant to treatment, making them quite incapacitating for those who suffer from them.

If dehydration isn’t the cause…

I find a lot of my headaches are tension headaches, likely a result of spending so much time on the computer, tablet, and smartphone, hunched forward at an uncomfortable angle. While yoga is a good way to relieve tension, and thereby help relieve the pain from related headaches, this is another of my favorite sources for natural headache relief:

It offers a few ways to relieve headaches without the use of over the counter medication – which can have dangerous effects with continued, frequent, or long-term use – and it describes a little tension-release technique with full instructions, called “Relaxation to Ease Headache Pain” that has relieved my headaches on numerous occasions. It hasn’t worked for me every single time, but if you think your headache is a result of built-up tension, it’s worth a shot!

Get the Facts, and Get Relief

Over 47% of adults get headache pain of some kind every year, but because this pain can come about through so many ways, headaches and migraines are difficult to diagnose at times and may not always be treated correctly or sufficiently to offer long term relief. If you suffer from headaches or migraines, you can learn more about them and find treatment options through the National Headache Foundation’s website. You can also connect with others to share your experiences.

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