Health Tip of the Month: Get Your Flu Shot!

flushot-Indiana Public MediaThere is a lot of misinformation out there about the flu shot. But you know what? None of us are superhuman. Even if you don’t get sick often, or you’ve never had the flu, or you hate needles, or whatever your excuse may be, the flu is not only an unpleasant way to spend a few days, in some cases, it can be really dangerous.

With that in mind, the health tip this month is:

Get your flu shot!

Most of the time, if you get the flu, you just need to stay home, get your rest, stay hydrated, and let it pass. Still, the flu is contagious, so don’t be a hero – stay home, and limit your contact with others around you so you can try to avoid getting your friends, coworkers, and family sick. However, sometimes the flu can become more serious and require hospitalization or a doctor’s visit. In any case, the best way to avoid getting the flu is to get your flu shot!

A few minutes out of your day to get a flu shot is way better than a couple days lost staying home and getting over the illness, so don’t make excuses! A lot of times, a flu shot may be covered on your health plan, but if not, you can usually get one for $20 or less at your local Walgreens or other health clinic.

Learn more about the flu this season, who can and should be vaccinated, and more at the CDC’s website.

Learn more about how to take care of yourself or a friend or family member with the flu at the Mayo Clinic’s website.

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