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Each DVD combines easy-to-follow visual instruction with verbal cues and soothing ambient tones. Chapters are conveniently arranged for short daily practices.

Imagine waking up tomorrow into a new lifestyle. Gently smile knowing that day will bring health, peace, and serenity, both to you and the world around you.

Empower and protect your physical and mental health with qigong, a practice so essential and beneficial it is a missing piece of western culture.

Qigong is a wonderful means of living healthy by enhancing your energy. Simply put, more energy means more fun. Fuel your healthy lifestyle!

Medical science has started to take notice. Numerous scientific studies and testimonials repeatedly endorse qigong as a revolution in health, for both the mind and body.

While inspired by the secretive traditions of old, the styles offered here are for sharing with the world. Check out the free mini form on our Facebook page to start out, then learn more from our great training program.

The videos are basic enough that anyone can learn them. I’m so enthusiastic qigong will empower your healthy lifestyle that we have an incredible offer: after your purchase, you can instantly download the quick start guide and be on your healthy way as soon as today!

The illustrated guide and quick guide make it easy to get started immediately. Practices are broken down step by step for quick and effective learning.

Check out securely with your credit card via Google or your PayPal account. Shipping is, of course, FREE, to wherever you happen to be in the world. This program is so easy to begin and comprehensive, but I invite you to compare us to some of the other programs out there.

Rest assured, there is not a better price for a package like this. Other sites sell individual DVDs for $20 ,and charge shipping on top of that, and building a comparable package on outlet sites will cost more with shipping.

The Bottom Line:

If you don’t love this qigong program within two months, I will refund 120% of your purchase price, plus you keep the training program free, in case one day you want to try again.

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