Yoga Pose of the Month: Cactus

The English name for this pose makes perfect sense if you’ve ever seen a saguaro cactus. While it looks like a pretty basic pose, and it is in many ways, it has a few minutiae that are important not to overlook when attempting this pose. What It Does Sort of the opposite of eagle arm […]

5 Steps to Get Your Butt Off the Couch in 2014

Is one of your new year’s resolutions to start exercising more, or start exercising, period? I hear you. Willpower is a tricky thing. For whatever reason, exercise seems to be a sticking point for so many of us that if it comes to skipping that extra Christmas cookie or getting up and going for a […]

How Do You #FitToIt in the Winter?

The high temperature in my neck of the woods for the past few days has been less than 15 degrees Fahrenheit. I don’t mind cold weather typically, but when it gets below twenty, and especially below 10 degrees, it’s no fun. You have to crank up your heat, you have to scrape your car windows, […]

Out Sick? 5 Ways to Get Back to Your Exercise Routine

‘Tis the season to be germy. Whether the hay, leaves, or other allergens are bothering you this time of year, or if you came down with a cold or the flu, it’s important to get back to your exercise routine AFTER you’re over your symptoms (or after you’ve finished your medication if you were prescribed […]

Why I Practice Yoga: It’s Not to Lose Weight, Get Buff, or Be Trendy

More and more often, I see articles, memes, and ads featuring yoga as some sort of cure-all. This isn’t to say that it doesn’t have some, or even all, of these benefits, but to me, these types of claims cheapen the practice. It’s so much more than just a way to lose weight, tone your […]

Pregnancy: The Best Time to Start Doing Yoga

The notion of health, exercise and fitness takes on a whole new meaning during pregnancy. For some women, it may represent concerns over excess weight loss, and a renewed focus on nutritious diet patterns. Often when you find out you have another little being to nurture and care for, it prompts a desire to really […]

How Your Personality Can Help You Choose a Yoga Style

The art of meditation is a person journey. The process can greatly expand the way one thinks, while helping each person become that much more fit in both mind and body. However, each person is unique and a chosen yoga form is often impacted by the personality. The uniqueness of each person can help choose […]

Pose of the Week: Bakasana (Crane Pose)

Before you freak out—this is one pose that is actually easier than it looks if you practice the correct technique. (And it looks pretty impressive, right?) Bakasana (also known as “Crane Pose” or “Crow Pose”) is a balancing pose that is primarily focused on arm strength but works the abdominal muscles as well. It’s an awesome pose […]

It’s National Yoga Month!

Yoga is a wonderful way to get healthy, relieve stress, get into shape, learn to meditate, practice mindfulness, and so much more. It has gone from being a novelty in small metropolitan areas to being a common choice for fitness and wellness around the world. This September, it’s National Yoga Month, and we want to […]

Yoga Pose of the Month: Puppy Pose

This one is a little tough to start out, but it’s fun and feels great after you’ve got it down! The pose gets its English name from that adorable stance dogs and puppies take when they want to play. If you’re familiar with the downward dog position and devotional pose, this is sort of a […]