About the DVD Program

The training program starts immediately when you download the quick start guide. In this, you will find some of the basics of qigong as well as some brief lifestyle pointers including healthy eating, sleeping, and lifestyle habits. This is everything you need to wake up tomorrow into a new qigong supported healthy lifestyle.

Gradually work your way through the quick start guide by doing a different exercise or two each day. Be sure to take your time with the exercises because if you are rushing through them quickly, you will not get as much from the practice. Also don’t worry about focusing on every detail at once when you first start out. Try finding a few things to really focus in on before you go for the big picture. Just by trying with true intention, you are benefiting from the practice.

After your printed materials arrive, you will have a very basic proficiency at qigong. You can then progress to the DVD exercises. You can start with either DVD, both are structured so that you will learn a new practice each day for one week. Again, don’t worry if you cannot seem to get it right the first time; it will take time to develop the motions and your intention for benefit is still powerful.

After you have gone through the video exercises and found a few that you like, go back and study them in more detail using the illustrated guide. Try getting confident in a few exercises before studying every motion and meditation in greater detail. The idea is for you to get a good exposure so that you can find exercises that are best suited to you. Once you have the exercise down, feel free to do it whenever or wherever you please.

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