About Kevin Kissler

Qigong has been a practice and passion of mine for over five years, leading me through various teachings between across Colorado. I have studied qigong under several masters including James MacRitchie, who has been practicing qigong since 1983 and has trained in China, as well as one of his experienced pupils Anthony Guilbert, to whom I am grateful to have been influenced by their style. I have also practiced a style of tai chi from the Gin Soon school in Boston and various martial arts including tae kwon do, silat, mui tai, akido, and shaolin kung fu. Other influences I have had come from Mantak Chia, another master of internal energy work, as well as shamanic visualization.

My vision with this website is to make an online community for qigong, martial arts, and other practices. By using the internet as a studio, I hope to eventually make a venue for anyone looking to share the secrets of these wonderful practices to find a way to distribute their teachings and reach a wider audience.

I have been involved in many practices, but I’m starting this website with qigong because I feel strongly that qigong is one of the most important practices to learn in life because it serves as a basis for everything else. Even performing simple practice on a regular basis is tremendously beneficial for health and well-being. That is why I am excited about this program, because it finds a balance of in-depth instruction, diversity of practice, and the time and energy that the practice takes in order to produce something truly marvelous. I really hope that you find the benefit in this practice, as it can continue to guide you through the rest of your life.

-Kevin Kissler

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